MOTORCYCLE OIL 4T 20W-40 is a high-quality mineral based lubricant specially developed for use in high powered 4-stroke motorcycles and is formulated from premium quality hydrotreated base stocks and high-quality performance additives to satisfy the demanding lubrication requirements of modern 4-stroke motorcycles.

MOTORCYCLE OIL 4T 20W-40 provides excellent protection towards engine, gearbox and wet clutches used in 4-stroke motorcycles and ensures the highest possible reliability even under the most severe operating conditions.

MOTORCYCLE OIL 4T 20W-40 has very good thermo-oxidative stability, minimising deposits and sludge formation. Exceptional anti-wear properties protect the vital engine and gear components leading to lower maintenance costs. Controlled frictional properties eliminate clutch slippage, effectively improving the driveability of the vehicle. The good low-temperature properties enable easy starting at low ambient temperatures and ensure effective lubrication and wear protection at startup.

MOTORCYCLE OIL 4T 20W-40 is recommended for a wide range of high powered 4-stroke motorcycles. MOTORCYCLE OIL 4T 20W-40 exceeds the specifications of API SL and JASO MA as well the requirements of many global 4-stroke motorcycle manufacturers.

Pack size: 1 Liter


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