EXTREME PRESSURE 140 is an oil for the lubrication of gearboxes in rear axles and high quality total

driveline gear lubricants designed to meet the severe requirements of drivetrains of light and heavy

duty commercial vehicles, off-highway equipment, mining and agriculture where a SAE 140 GL-5 is

been required.

EXTREME PRESSURE 140 is formulated with high refined solvent mineral stock in combination with

a special additive package to reach the following properties:

  • Unique additive technology allows the use of a single lubricant in rear axles.
  • Exceptional thermo-oxidative stability.
  • High load bearing characteristics help in extending the life of the driveline components and the oil.
  • Effective rust and corrosion protection, especially to copper and its alloys reduces wear.
  • Effectively offsets the formation of foam.

Pack size: 4 Liters


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