FULL SYNTHETIC SYNature 5W40 engine oil is a premium quality full-synthetic, MID-SAPS engine oil designed to provide maximum protection for European passenger cars under all operating conditions. It also is recommended for other vehicles operating at extreme temperatures or under severe driving conditions, such as towing heavy loads. It is recommended for use in many gasoline and light-duty diesel engines. FULL SYNTHETIC SYNature 5W40 provides enhanced performance benefits compared with conventional engine oils. These benefits include better oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures for improved protection against viscosity breakdown and deposit formation; lower volatility for reduced oil consumption; and better low-temperature pump ability for easier starting and faster oil circulation at low temperatures.

FULL SYNTHETIC SYNature 5W40 meets or exceeds the performance requirements of API Service Category SN/CF for the SAE 5W-40 viscosity and is approved for service fill under leading European OEM specifications. The SAE 5W-40 grade also is suitable for use in GM vehicles where the OEM specifies dexos2™ quality oil.

FULL SYNTHETIC SYNature 5W-40 is formulated to meet and exceed more specifications, including OEMs manufacturer specifications or recommended oils:

ACEA C3-12
Porsche A40
VW 502.00/505.00
BMW Longlife-04
Renault RN0700/RN0710
MB-Approval 229.31/229.51

Pack size: 4 Liters


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