FULL SYNTHETIC SYNature 5W30 is a fuel-conserving super high performance universal engine oil designed based on 100% synthetic technology for high loaded diesel engines in light and heavy commercial vehicles working under severe operating conditions through the whole year and running on low Sulphur Diesel Fuel (max 50 ppm) for use in Euro-4, Euro-5 and Euro-6 engines equipped with Diesel Particle Filter (DPF). This product is also suitable for vehicles equipped with EGR and/or SCR after-treatment systems. FULL SYNTHETIC SYNature 5W30 is formulated on high quality refined synthetic base stock in combination with a special additive package to reach the following properties:

• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
• Improve Fuel Efficiency & Cut Carbon Pollution.
• High anti-foam, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
• Driven by EPA & NHTSA requirements.

FULL SYNTHETIC SYNature 5W30 is formulated to meet and exceed more specifications, including OEMs manufacturer specifications or recommended oils:

ACEA E9-2012/E7
MTU Category 2.1
Renault RLD-3
MAN M3575
Volvo VDS-4/VDS-3
Daimler MB 228.31
Caterpillar ECF-3
Cummins CES 20081
Mack EO-O Premium Plus/EO-N
Detroit Diesel DFS 93K218/DFS 93K215

Pack size: 7 Liters


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